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Where can I find the best dentist in coral springs?

Best Dentist in Coral Springs | How Does Alcohol Affect Your Teeth?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about moderation. While drinking alcohol responsibly can have minimal consequences, alcoholic beverages can damage your oral and overall health. Consider how alcohol affects your teeth and visit the best dentist in Coral Springs to make sure your smile stays beautiful and healthy.

Tooth Stains

It is commonly known that red wine can stain your teeth, especially when consumed frequently. However, dark liquors and mixed drinks can also create stains on your pearly whites. This is because of the chromogens in beverages that attach to the tooth enamel combined with the acid in alcohol itself. Like other dark colored or acidic beverages, drinking through a straw can help avoid discoloration of the teeth.

Where can I find the best dentist in coral springs?

Dry Mouth

When the mouth lacks saliva, plaque and bacteria are allowed to thrive on the surface of the teeth. Alcohol dries to the mouth, and can cause dehydration if you’re not careful. Be sure to drink water between drinks to wash away acid and bacteria and avoid other health risks.

Tooth Decay

Alcohol is made from sugar, which can cause tooth decay. An excess of sugar intake allows bacteria to thrive and grow in the oral environment. As a result, tooth decay is a common problem in those who drink alcohol excessively. When drinking, consider a dry alcohol, such as brut champagne, for a lower dose of sugar.

Maintain a Healthy Smile with the Best Dentist in Coral Springs

Moderate alcohol consumption is part of many people’s social lifestyles. Make sure that your smile is healthy and contact Wisdom Dental, the best dentist in Coral Springs. An experienced dentist can ensure that your alcohol consumption does not negatively affect your oral health, so you can keep smiling.