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Coral Springs Implant Dentist

Coral Springs Implant Dentist at Wisdom Dental

At Wisdom Dental, we offer dental implant placement and restorations in the comfort of our Coral Springs office. Coral Springs implant dentist Dr. Wisdom Akpaka and his associate, Dr. Mariel Petruk, offer a full range of implant restorations to replace one or more missing teeth, even a full edentulous arch. The placement of implants and preparation of the bone site for implants is frequently done by Dr. Wisdom, who has had extensive implant training. In the case of complex cases, our dentists may refer you to a specialist for surgical procedures. The prostheses that will be fixed on your dental implant(s)—implant crown, implant multi-unit bridge, implant partial denture, or full hybrid overdenture, will be custom fabricated by our partnering dental lab for perfect fit, function and appearance.

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Replacing Teeth from the Roots

Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots made of bio-compatible titanium. Once they are surgically placed in the jaw bone, the process of osseointegration naturally takes place, fusing the implant with surrounding bone tissue. Implant retained prosthetics require no support from adjacent healthy teeth or dental adhesives. When attached to implants, implant prosthetics are stable, strong, and function and look like natural teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Most patients forget their implant retained teeth are not their own natural ones because they look, function and feel like real teeth.
  • An implant helps prevent bone loss and changes in facial structure.
  • An implant eliminates the need to crown adjacent teeth in order to anchor a bridge.
  • An implant provides more forceful chewing strength than a traditional bridge, partial or full denture.
  • Gum tissue framing can be controlled for a more natural smile.
  • Implant supported prosthetics are flossed and brushed like natural teeth.
  • Implants do not get cavities or decay like natural teeth can.
  • With proper flossing, brushing, and regular visits to the dentist, your dental implant restoration can last the rest of your life. Thus, the long-term financial cost will likely be less.

Candidacy for Dental Implants

A comprehensive oral exam, including x-rays and intraoral images, will help our dentists determine whether dental implants are a good solution to replace your missing teeth. In general, patients with strong jawbone density, good oral health, and no gum disease make good candidates for dental implants.

Many patients do not need treatment prior to implant placement, but should you need treatment in order to become a good implant candidate, our dentists will advise you on next steps. Pre-implant treatment in our office may include treatment for gum disease, a bone or gum tissue graft, and extraction of one or more teeth that require removal. If your bone density is insufficient to support implants, Dr. Wisdom might perform bone enhancement procedures or, in some circumstances, refer you to an oral surgeon. After any necessary treatment, you’ll be re-evaluated to determine if you are ready for implant placement.

Implant Placement

Your implant placement appointment will involve surgically opening the gum tissue at the optimal location for each implant and surgically placing your implants in the jaw bone. Usually, patients wear temporary restorations (a crown, bridge, partial, or full denture) for two to three months while the bone tissue grows around the implant. We call this phase “osseointegration,” After this phase, the implant heads will be exposed and implant abutments attached. After the gum tissue heals around the abutments, your implant crown, bridge, partial or full hybrid overdenture will be attached to the abutments. All procedures can be performed using local anesthetic, with minimal post-operative pain. We can provide oral moderate sedation if this is your preference.

The Longevity of Dental Implants

With good oral healthcare, and in the absence of disease or injury, dental implants can last for the rest of your life. The restorations on the implants may require replacement, should they wear down or break, but they normally last decades.

We offer a complementary (free) initial consultation so you can learn if dental implants are right for you.

To learn more about dental implants, call your Coral Springs implant dentist at Wisdom Dental to schedule a free initial consultation. Our comfortable dental office is located in Coral Springs, FL, and we offer contemporary technology, while prioritizing patient safety, comfort and excellent care.