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Where can I find an oral surgeon in Coral Springs Florida?

Oral Surgeon in Coral Springs Florida | Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Oral surgeons are trained to perform a wide variety of procedures. Pretty much any procedure that needs to be done to the mouth and face area can be performed by an oral surgeon. While there are many procedures that they can perform, there are a few that are more common than others. Let’s take a look at some common procedures that an oral surgeon in Coral Springs Florida performs.

Tooth Extractions

This procedure might be by far the most common of all the oral surgery procedures. A simple tooth extraction can be performed by a general dentist. However, they are typically done by an oral surgeon due to their additional training and their ability to perform surgery should it be needed. The most common example of a tooth extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth. Any tooth that is causing harm to the rest of the mouth can be extracted though.

Dental Implants

With dental implants becoming the preferred method for tooth replacement among doctors and dentists, the procedure has become incredibly popular with oral surgeons. The procedure is done by inserting metal rods into the jawbone so it can fuse with the jaw like a natural tooth would.

What can an oral surgeon in Coral Springs Florida perform?

Jaw Surgery

There can be many reasons why jaw surgery is needed. One example is bone grafting. When the jawbone becomes too weak or deteriorated to support an implant, extra bone is needed to strengthen the area. Jaw surgery can also be performed on someone suffering from TMJ disorder.

Are You Looking for an Oral Surgeon in Coral Springs Florida?

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