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Root canal therapy

Gentle Root Canal Therapy

If you develop a dental infection, root canal therapy can often save your tooth. Dr. Wisdom Akpaka of Coral Springs is skilled with endodontic (root canal therapy) procedures. He will provide gentle, precise treatment through every step of the process, from the initial diagnosis to the final placement of your dental crown. As with all of his procedures, he offers highly lifelike restorations, which will blend beautifully with your smile. Like many patients, you may be worried that your root canal will be very uncomfortable. Dr. Wisdom and his team at Wisdom Dental offer minimal-discomfort treatment. In fact, many people report that undergoing root canal therapy is comparable to receiving a dental filling.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a restorative procedure designed primarily to address an infected tooth. In some cases, Dr. Wisdom may recommend a root canal if you have a cracked tooth, and the crack has extended down into your root.

Cleaning and Preparing Your Tooth

Root canal therapy typically takes place over two office visits. During the first visit, Dr. Wisdom will first create a small access chamber in the top of your tooth. Through this chamber, he can reach the soft pulp that fills the inside of your tooth. He will clean out your tooth, removing bacteria and infected pulp. He will also eliminate infected material from your root canals and carefully reshape these areas. Your tooth and nearby gums will be numb the entire time. Therefore, you will typically feel only a mild pressure during your treatment. When your tooth is bacteria-free, Dr. Wisdom will place a sealant inside your tooth. Then, he will fill the chamber with gutta percha, a soft rubber compound. Finally, he will shape the tooth to receive a crown, make impressions, and then place a temporary crown. This short-term restoration will reduce sensitivity before your next appointment.

Restoring Your Damaged Tooth

In most cases, the second appointment will take place about two weeks later. In the interim, our partner lab will fabricate a lifelike dental crown, using the impressions of your tooth. To learn about the different types of dental crowns and the crown procedure, you may read Dental Crowns on this website.

Dr. Wisdom may recommend root canal therapy if you suffer from one or more of the following dental concerns:

  • Toothache: Your discomfort may be moderate to severe. Often, it will worsen when you are chewing or in response to a change in temperature. In other cases, it may be a continual or throbbing toothache.
  • Gum abscess: If bacteria affect the tip of your dental root, you could develop a gum abscess, a small pus-filled sore on your gums.
  • One discolored tooth: A dental infection may create internal discoloration of a single tooth. Typically, this discoloration will have a dark gray tint.
  • A dark spot on your x-rays: In some cases, you may not experience a toothache or any other symptoms, but your x-rays could reveal an infected dental root.
  • Gum erosion: If your gums have worn away because of periodontitis or some other concern, it may leave your roots exposed. A root canal is often the optimal treatment for this problem.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

Root canal therapy can have enormous benefits for your oral health. First and most noticeably, the treatment can end the discomfort of infection. Many patients are worried that endodontic therapy will be extremely unpleasant. However, in most cases, they are most conscious of the relief from their toothache. Second, root canal therapy can restore your oral functionality. If you are suffering from an infected tooth, you may avoid certain foods or you may have stopped chewing on one side of your mouth. Following endodontic treatment, you should be able to eat normally. If your infected tooth has become discolored, the treatment can also restore the look of your smile. Without treatment, bacteria could move from your infected tooth to your nearby teeth or your gum tissues. By removing these bacteria, Dr. Wisdom can protect your complete oral health and support better systemic health.

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